We would like to officially announce that Zest Street Food is now available for delivery solely via the apps Wolt and Bolt.

As a Michelin-recommended restaurant, we have always found it extremely important to secure the best possible fine dining experience for our patrons.

Nevertheless, in recent years we decided to develop the Zest Street Food concept in order to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to taste our cuisine without needing to exclusively visit our establishment in St Julian’s.

Whilst we were successfully managing to provide direct delivery services through our own transportation means in the past few years, we have finally decided to rely exclusively on the apps Wolt and Bolt to continue being able to deliver Zest Street Food to the masses in Malta.

We would only want to provide direct delivery services again in the future once we identify the right third party that can operate at the highest standard, matching what the general public has come to expect from our company.

Currently, the only exception we apply is with regards to our largest Set Menu (the ZEST Party Menu for 8 people), which we are happy to arrange direct delivery for ourselves upon request.

We will always value quality over quantity, and we are confident that this will be the most ideal way forward for Zest to build on its legacy of over two decades at the forefront of the local food and beverage industry.